Aksu sugar plant plans to get over 15 thousand tons of sugar
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General Director of Aksu Kant LLP Samat Nadirbayev accompanied akim of Almaty region on production workshops.

The sugar plant is almost completely updated, the new equipment allowed us to fully automate the process. 

For Aksu Kant LLP through SEC Zhetysu 119 units of technological equipment were purchased. A unique chamber press filter, automated and packaging workshop were installed. 

The company can process up to 3 thousand tons of sugar beet per day, and in total 150-160 thousand tons of raw materials will be processed. New evaporator station reduced energy consumption by 30%. 

"Thanks to the support of the regional administration, as a result of the reconstruction of the enterprise, the yield of sugar will increase to 11.5%. This season, the plant is planning to get more than 15 thousand tons of sugar," said Samat Nadirbayev. 

Akim of the region talked with employees, with representatives of foreign companies that advise domestic specialists.

“We started practically from scratch, and today, thanks to state support this year, the area of sowing sugar beet in the region has been increased to 11.2 thousand hectares. And we will continue to increase, observing crop rotation. With the average productivity of land of 370 centners for 1 hectar we are planning to gainmore than 400 tons of sweet root and produce 42.5 thousand tons of sugar "- said Amandyk Batalov.

According to Akim, the maximum capacity of the Aksu sugar plant after a complete modernization will reach 350 thousand tons. Therefore, we need raw materials, and crops will continue to increase.

By the way, thanks to the launch of the Sugar plant in Aksu district, the overall unemployment rate in the district decreased from 5.7 to 4.7 percent. And next year, in the framework of the implementation of the Message of the Head of the State, employees will increase their salaries by 15-20%.

It should be noted that Koksu Sugar Refinery was also upgraded, thanks to which the sugar yield increased from 10 to 13%.