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Aksu sugar plant, located in the vil. Zhansugurov Aksu district of Almaty region, was built in 1967 and has more than fifty years of experience in this direction, was one of the leading enterprises in Kazakhstan for the production of sugar.

It was completed with the equipment of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. The project was developed by the Kazgipropischeprom Institute (Kazakh SSR) in collaboration with the Giprosakhar Institute (Moscow, Russian Federation).

In the year of its 50th anniversary, after a lingering downtime, the Aksu sugar plant received its second birth. From September 25, 2017, the plant opened the reception of sugar beet and in November produced the first sugar.

The plant, which stood still for 10 years, was restored in record time by the coordinated work of the Akimat of the Almaty Region, the team of the Energomost Consortium and the Aksu Sugar Plant.

Since 1967, Aksu Plant is a city-forming enterprise. The launch of the plant allowed to give a new impetus not only to the development of the region, providing jobs for tens of thousands of families, including in related industries, but also significantly increased the cultivated area of ​​farmland for planting sugar beet.

The production capacity of the plant is 450,000 tons of sugar beet processing per season with the production of 65,000 tons of sugar. In 2020, after the commissioning of the raw scheme, the plant will be ready for the production of raw sugar with a capacity of up to 200,000 tons of sugar per year. The total annual capacity of the plant will be 265,000 sugar.

Akim of the region Amandyk Batalov visited all the workshops of the enterprise and evaluated the sugar obtained at the plant:

“Today is a great joyful event for all of us. After almost 10 years of inactivity, the Aksu Sugar Plant is once again working thanks to state support and well-coordinated joint work of local executive bodies and investors. After all the technological processes at the plant, white sugar is obtained - this is a visual result of the reconstruction carried out. There are plans to modernize the plant for 3 years in a row, during which the outdated equipment will be completely replaced with modern, highly technological. Part of this equipment has already been purchased and is in the warehouses of the enterprise.

Today, the plant employs more than 500 people, among them are specialists who have worked at the enterprise since its opening. Their contribution is difficult to overestimate. It is also worth noting that due to the launch of the plant in Aksu district, the unemployment rate fell from 5.7 percent to 4.7. In addition, the plant has an agreement on the basis of a state order with the college of Zhansugurov to train more than 50 specialists to work in the enterprise. ”



The production capacity of the plant after modernization is 450 000 tons of sugar beet processing per season with the release of 65 000 tons of sugar.

The number of employees is 600 people.

The total amount of investments will be about 15 billion tenge, of which 5 billion tenge is the leasing of the main equipment from JSC “SEC“ Zhetisu ”.

Our objectives

In 2019 - processing up to 180,000 tons of sugar beet and production of 22,000 tons of sugar